The Global Warning Effect


Everybody speaks about the global warming effect, but who is going to deal with the global warning effect?

Definition: The Global Warning Effect is the ringing bells of radical change. We live in such a fast pacing/changing world that we don’t actually live (eventually). Our inner eyes are not capable of seeing the world passing fast before them. We miss the essence of our own existence. Our brain needs repeated trials in order to convert a short term memory (stimuli/data) to a long term knowledge. The conclusion is that we don’t have enough time to absorb our experiences; hence we live in a superficial perception of our world.

The equation: as the pace of change increases our life experience deteriorates.

The consequences: our understanding for our world, and our lives, becomes more and more superficial. We actually live in ambiguity, and uncertainty. We don’t really know our world, and the unknown stimulates our deepest fear of insecurity. Our stress levels increase with negative impact on our health. But probably the most serious effect is on our relationships. If we cannot see our own impact in the world, how are we going to appreciate other people’s existence!

Happiness is also at risk, with so many choices that we don’t have time to understand. We no longer know what we want, maybe because we have everything (at least in theory). Inertia and boredom will be the social diseases in the near future.

The cure: we need to stop being hysterical. Mind that we advance technology but we have forgotten to advance humanity. Our world asks for software developers more than for people managing and developing people. That’s the index representing our focus and approach.

We live in the most fragile era, where everything is based on electricity and networking. Even our knowledge and abilities and skills are based on those pillars. But, just imagine if a disaster happens. Those who will survive are those who know nature, and those are becoming less and less. Just think of that scenario and you will see what really matters in life, in jobs, in relationships. This thought will reframe our values.

Nature warns us, that we forget about life and we focus on its virtual shadow. Technology is good and useful, but it will eventually become our nemesis, a Terminator-like Scenario. This is the warning, the loss of humanity, and humanity is all about human relationships and affect. It is about caring, and understanding. It is about staying bonded to our nature.

Antonis Gavalas, MSc