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Antonis is a management thinker and writer, always searching for innovative ideas and tools to increase individual and organizational performance. He is open-minded and creative, adaptively reconciling multidisciplinary knowledge and experience within organizational context. He is solution-oriented, always available to actively listen to people’s problems and concerns, and support them.
He holds two Masters in management, with a major focus on human behavior. Throughout his studies, he developed an expertise in process reengineering and team performance, while his working experience in various and diverse contexts provided him with the opportunity to develop his understanding on the importance of heterogeneity. Leadership and team-working are dynamic processes, always susceptible to change.
His research interests lie in the Organizational Behavior area with a particular focus on team management and performance, employee recruitment and evaluation, leadership, interpersonal relationships and personality. He is also interested in new trends and methods in management informed by complexity thinking, as well as the contribution of neuroscience to our understanding of human behavior and decision-making processes.
He has published many articles in renowned printed and online magazines, pinpointing the dynamics of the human factor in performance. Based on complexity theory and neuroscience insights, he has also self-published his latest book, “Mind the Dynamics: The Garden Effect Model”, which is a practical tool to lead and engage people effectively in a complex world.
He is a Lecturer at IST College and Metropolitan College, in fields such as Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Organization and Innovation, and Cross-Cultural Management and IHRM, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Specialization: Team Performance, Organizational Behavior, Complex Adaptive Systems, Neuroleadership

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