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Antonis is a People & Culture Development professional, leadership thinker and writer, always searching for innovative ideas and tools to increase individual and organizational performance. Solution-oriented, always available to actively listen to people’s problems and concerns, and support them. He is open-minded and creative, adaptively reconciling multidisciplinary knowledge and experience within organizational context.

He holds two Masters in management, with a major focus on human behavior. Throughout his studies and work experience, he developed an expertise in Organizational Behavior, with a particular interest in team management and performance, employee recruitment and evaluation, leadership, interpersonal relationships and personality. He is also interested in new trends and methods in management informed by complexity thinking and neuroscience. He aspires to decipher human behavior so we can improve our creative thinking and decision-making processes, our relationships and effective collaboration..

He has published many articles in renowned printed and online magazines and journals, pinpointing the dynamics of human factor and its role in performance. Based on complexity theory and neuroscience insights, he has also self-published his latest book, “Mind the Dynamics: The Garden Effect Model”, which is a practical tool to lead and engage people effectively in a complex world.
He is a College Head of Department and Lecturer in Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Organization and Innovation, Cross-Cultural Management and IHRM, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He is also certified Professional Life Coach by the Transformation Academy in the USA, and Certified consultant by Ariston Psychometrics, which provided him with more tools towards personal and organizational development.

Life Aspiration: to create human friendly organizations for people to be able to perform and thrive.

Specialization: Team Performance, Organizational Behavior, Complex Adaptive Systems, Neuroleadership

Certified Consultant Ariston Psychometrics: Personnel Assessment and Selection (Recruitment, Talent Management)

Certified Professional Life Coach by Transformation Academy, USA

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