ThyGrowth Project

ThyGrowth Project is a training/coaching program focusing on developing higher cognitive qualities, such as creativity, systemic thinking, complex decision making, environmental perception, flexibility, adaptability, and ethical attitude. It’s core purpose is to create leaders and organizational cultures that will have a positive effect on business, on the world. Following the GEM (Garden Effect Model) philosophy, our inspiration is to develop human friendly organizations, where people will grow and thrive.

This program is designed for people who lead people and organizations at all hierarchical levels.

Part 1 – Setting the Context (4h)

• Introduction to GEM philosophy, the nature’s approach

Test: Complex Adaptive Leadership Readiness

Test: Least Performance Index (Trust, Communication, Roles)

Part 2 – Developing Leadership Awareness and Change (12h)

• Leadership theory and exercises

• Building knowledge through practice (developing leadership capacity and human friendly organizations)

• Transforming theory into practical tools

Part 3 – 360o Evaluation and Monitoring (4h)

• Leadership Test, Analyzing results, Plan development

• Monitoring progress after 3 months, re-planning

The program is designed for individuals’ personal development but may also be adjusted to teams.

It is most important to develop a relationship of mutual trust. Let me explain you about the program and run some first evaluation measurements. Book your first session for free following this link

Contact for more details and for requesting the complete guide.