From Burnout to Burnin

Burnout is an established medical condition, and many professionals from various fields (e.g. psychologists, life coaches etc.) provide solutions to burnout victims. Burnout is the state where individuals have no more energy to keep doing their job effectively. The feeling is that of exhaustion, and they cannot make any more impact to the organization with … More From Burnout to Burnin

The Global Warning Effect

Everybody speaks about the global warming effect, but who is going to deal with the global warning effect? Definition: The Global Warning Effect is the ringing bells of radical change. We live in such a fast pacing/changing world that we don’t actually live (eventually). Our inner eyes are not capable of seeing the world passing … More The Global Warning Effect

Working Leave – A Method Against Burnout

There are many types of leave such as maternity leave, vacation leave, leave of absence etc. In this article I suggest the working leave as an HR method against burnout. Burnout is the physical and emotional exhaustion an employee feels mostly due to work overload. Individual’s energy decreases, and energy repletion requires rest. The person … More Working Leave – A Method Against Burnout