The Energetic Leader and the Lazy Follower Phenomenon

If we are asked to describe a leader we will probably attribute characteristics such as energetic, hardworking, idea generator. On the other hand, our description of a follower may not be as flattering. We would probably describe them as lazy, unwilling, and uncommitted. But we have also seen that same person exhibiting the latter behaviours … More The Energetic Leader and the Lazy Follower Phenomenon

Simplicity: A leaders’ new perspective

Simplicity in management is dictated by the complexity theory which asserts that there is order in chaos, in that if we leave a system alone it will eventually get self-organized. The same stands for organizations. People are complex entities as individuals, and consequently even more complex as groups. So, leading people requires a simple management … More Simplicity: A leaders’ new perspective

The Global Warning Effect

Everybody speaks about the global warming effect, but who is going to deal with the global warning effect? Definition: The Global Warning Effect is the ringing bells of radical change. We live in such a fast pacing/changing world that we don’t actually live (eventually). Our inner eyes are not capable of seeing the world passing … More The Global Warning Effect